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X-Treme Tape TPE-X36ZLB Silicone Rubber Self Fusing Tape, 1″ x 36′, Triangular, Black


  • Will not melt up to 260°C (500°F)
  • Remains flexible to -50°C (-60°F)
  • Tensile strength of 700+PSI
  • Insulates to 400 volts/mil
  • Resists weathering

X-Treme Tape TPE-XR1510ZLB Silicone Rubber Self Fusing Tape, 1.5″ x 10′, Rectangular, Black


  • Will not melt up to 260°C (500°F)
  • Remains flexible to -50°C (-60°F)
  • Tensile strength of 700+PSI
  • Insulates to 400 volts/mil
  • Resists weathering

Self Fusing Silicone Tape – 1Inx10ft Waterproof Wrap Rust Oleum Leakseal Stretch and Seal Rescue Self Fusing Silicone Rubber Electrical Tape for Hose Emergency Pipe Repair, Plumbing Bonding


  • [Product Specifications]The self fusing silicone tape red is 1 inch wide and 10 feet long, and composed of excellent self-fusing silicone rubber with easy-tear liner. It will form a stable waterproof sealing layer in seconds.
  • [Durability]Rescue rubber tape has excellent weather, aging, UV, corrosion, oil, acid, solvent resistance, and is environmentally friendly, providing you with lasting and safe protection.
  • [Wide Application]Stretch and seal tape is widely used on outdoor antenna coax connector, pipe and hose sealing and patching, electrical cable and plug repair, insulation, protection and extension, plumbing and duct repair, Automotive and RV hose repair, marine and garden applications, hand tool and sporting product grip and handlebar, other emergency repair and so on.
  • [Easy to Use]Non adhensive silicon tape sticks to itself only, can form a fast and tight wrapping, leaves no residue after removing, easy to apply for temporary or a length of time bundle, create a complete seal without air, dust and water.
  • [Safety]Weatherproof self fusing electrical tape with insulation ability up to 8000V per layer and works from -76℉to 500℉, tensile strength is rated to 7.8MPA with thickness of 0.02 inch, safe to elongate the tape to 300% of original length without damaging the performance of tape.

When it comes to buying a good quality fusing silicone rubber product, you’ll be sure to save yourself time and hassle in the long run.

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SENKEI Silicone Rubber Self Fusing Tape 1″ x 10′ Waterproof Thick Durable Self Fusing Silicone Tape for Air Hose Plumbing Repair, PVC Pipe Repair Hose Leak Seal Emergency Repairs Wire Insulation


  • Wide Applications: Best choice for any emergency or daily maintenance. 1. Household: stretched and wound around PP, PVC water pipes, faucets, shower joints, water heater connectors, sewer elbows and various water pipes leaking or seeping. 2. Car maintenance, handle wrapping, protection, wire connectors, etc.
  • Thick and Waterproof Self Adhesive Rubber Tape for Pipe Repair: Strong plasticity, adapt to various shapes; Good toughness, not easy to break; Close to the pipe after winding, strong winding effect; 0.5mm thickness, thicker, more durable, and better waterproof effect.
  • Durable Rescue Tape : Good UV resistance, insulation, high and low temperature resistance, the temperature resistance is about -50°C to 250°C, and the thermal stability is 180°C. Thus our non adhesive leak proof rubber hose tape have superior aging resistance and can be long-term used.
  • Self-Fusing Silicone Tape And Packaging: This self-adhesive rubber tape has no messy adhesives, only sticks to itself, does not stick to your hands, is easy to install and remove. It has excellent stretching ability and can form permanent bond. Aluminum foil bag packaging, better storage and sealing performance.
  • Simple Operation: When using this tape, you must stretch it, wrap it and overlap it around the leak, and wrap the end on this product. After a few minutes, a self-melting layer will be formed between the tape to wrap and repair the leak.

6 Roll Self Fusing Silicone Tape Rubber Flame Retardant High Temperature PVC Tape for Leaks Seal Pipes Repair Tools Electrical Wires Wrap Indoor Outdoor, 5 Feet


  • No residue: these self-adhesive silicone plumbers tapes can stick quickly and tightly on the items, and will leave no residue after removal; They are easy to bind temporarily or for a long time, and form a complete seal without air, dust proof and waterproof
  • Wide application: you will get 6 roll 1″ x 5′ self fusing tapes, these silicone tapes can be applied as repair tapes to help seal hoses, water pipelines, and more home, garden or car emergency repairs; Also suitable for using as insulation tapes for wires or hand tools, and factory maintenance works.
  • Safe and tensile resistant: the tensile strength grade of leak seal tapes is over 710 PSI, and the working temperature is -60 degrees Celsius to 260 degrees Celsius, insulated to 400V/mil, which are suitable for repairing and wrapping most tools
  • Reliable quality: these self fusing tapes are made of quality silicone materials, no adhesive layers, safe and reliable, corrosion resistant, heat resistant, humidity resistant, oxygen resistant, ozone resistant, insulated, pressure resistant, and have good performance for water and airtight sealing
  • Flexible and stretchable: these soft silicone sealing tapes have the characteristics of flexibility and stretching, can fit well with even small pipe diameters and narrow corners, which are suitable for both freezing and heating environments

Rubber Tape Silicone Tape Self Fusing Rubber Grip Tape 1″ x 40FT Clear Silicone Repair Pipe Tape Electrical Radiator Hose Coax Plumbers Water Seal Stretch


  • PERFECT FOR EMERGENCY REPAIRS: Our premium grade 1in x 40ft clear sealing tape is 100% silicone making it ideal for a wide variety of repairs. Our silicone weatherproof and waterproof tape is perfect for fixing leaky hoses and pipes, electrical wiring, sealing connections, wiring harnesses, lines and fittings, wrapping rope ends and tool handles and more! Our quick fix tape is also a great sailboat rigging tape. Our emergency repair tape is a must-have in your car or boat repair kit!
  • WATERPROOF & AIRTIGHT SEAL: This silicone self fusing repair tape sticks to itself creating a flexible, waterproof seal that keeps out water and air. Simply stretch, wrap and repair! Our clear stretch tape works great as electrical tape and for emergency hose repairs. This ultra-strong clear waterproof tape can withstand U.V. light, changing weather and is high-heat resistant making it ideal for a variety of repairs. This waterproof seal tape is designed for both indoor and outdoor use!
  • HEAT & CORROSION RESISTANT: Our self fusing tape resists corrosion and extends the useful life of items being repaired. This silicone tape for plumbing creates a water-tight seal and works to fix leaks. Our ultra-strong, high temp silicone rubberized tape can be used to fix car engines, water heaters and more! This self sealing tape is extremely versatile and perfect for emergency repairs around your home, boat or car. Also works great as garden hose tape and tape for pipe leaks!
  • ULTRA STRONG HOLD: You’ll love the high tensile strength of our clear self fusing silicone tape! To get the strongest bond, stretch the tape while wrapping the item. The more you stretch our self sealing tape, the more secure the seal. Once placed, the silicone plumbing tape is repositionable for 1 minute. After two minutes, the plumbing tape for sealing forms a permanent bond. Our clear self bonding silicone tape also works great as waterproof automotive tape and irrigation repair tape.
  • WHY CHOOSE BETTER BOAT PRODUCTS: We are a family owned American business committed to making premium quality products and our customers happiness. We are here to offer support if you have any questions on our products. We stand behind the quality of our products and will provide you with exceptional customer service.

In fact, in order to establish a good fusing silicone rubber product brand, it is necessary to deeply cultivate customers, constantly research needs, understand needs, and strive to improve fusing silicone rubber product value.

Plus, quick study materials can speed up your learning progress. In order to reduce costs, many factories began to use inferior materials to produce fusing silicone rubber products. The quality of these fusing silicone rubber products cannot be guaranteed or satisfactory.

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Rescue Tape | Self-Fusing Silicone Tape | Emergency Pipe & Plumbing Repair | DIY Repairs | Seal Radiator Hose Leaks | Wrap Electrical Wires | Used by US Military | 1” X 12’ | Silicone Rubber | Black


  • Most people carry Rescue tape in their Emergency bag, car or on a boat for unexpected emergencies. Broken radiator hose or hot pipe is easy to fix with Rescue tape because it can handle temperature up to 500F and pressure up to 950 PSI.
  • Rescue Tape is extremely durable, but when it comes time to remove it, it does not leave any sticky residue like a duck tape. Rescue tape does not stick to anything so all you need for a proper application is to stretch it and overlap it.
  • Excellent insulant. It creates Insulation up to 8000 Volts per layer. You can safely put your Christmas lights out, protect your antennas against UV light and corrosion or simply protect wires against harsh conditions and salt water.
  • MILITARY DAMAGE BATTLE KIT: We are proud to say that Rescue tape is the only Silicon tape that is used by U.S.A military in their Recovery and Battle Damage Assessment & Repair Kit (BDAR KIT). Made in U.S.A.

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Proxicast Pro-Grade Extra Strong 30mil Weatherproof Self-Fusing Silicone Rubber Sealing Tape For Outdoor Antenna Coax & Electrical Cables, Hose/Pipe Leaks & Emergency Repairs (1.5″ x 15′ roll) – Black


  • Easily Seal Outdoor Antenna Coaxial Cable & Electrical Connections from Moisture, Dust and Corrosion
  • Thicker, Wider & Stronger Than Other Self-Fusing Silicone Tapes
  • Easy to Apply – Easy to Remove – No Messy Adhesive – Sticks Only to Itself – Forms Permanent Bond
  • Waterproof, UV, Saltwater, Chemical & Temperature Resistant
  • S-T-R-E-T-C-H this tape up to 3 times its initial length when applying to activate it – Watch the installation video in the photo gallery

4 Rolls Self-fusing Silicone Tape Grip Self Bonding Repair Tape and Wrap Repair Tape Rubber Sealing Tape Multi-Purpose Adhesive Tape for Gym Hose Emergency Repair 120 Inches by 4 Roll (Black)


  • Reliable material: the multi-purpose adhesive tape is made of quality silicone material, non-toxic and lightweight, has good durability, firm to use and practical tool as nice daily helper for your use
  • Size information: each self bonding repair tape size is approx. 3 meters/ 9.8 ft in length, 25 mm in width, 0.5 mm in thickness, long enough and you can cut it into proper size you need, proper size for covering
  • Multi-purpose usages: the self bonding repair tape works well at protecting the object from moisture, dust and corrosion, suitable for many occasions, such as outdoor antenna coax connector, plumbing and duct repair, pipe and hose sealing or patching, electrical cable and plug repair, insulation, protection, extension, automotive and RV hose repair, other emergency repair, hand tool and sporting product grip or so on
  • Easy to apply: the rubber sealing tape is designed with adhesive back, convenient to use, just peel it off and paste it onto the place you want, finish the installation in seconds, save your time and effort
  • Package includes: you will get 4 rolls of self-fusing silicone tapes, enough quantity for meeting your various requirement, also good for sharing with your family and friends; Color: black

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