The Best black pebbles for bamboo plants of 2021 – Reviewed and Top Rated

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YEEBECA 7 Ounce Black Pebbles, Decorative Black Pebbles for Bamboo Plants, Aquarium Gravel, Vase Filling, Suitable for Small Potted Plants Less Than 4 Inch in Diameter.


  • SIZE: About 0.35″-0.7″; Color: Black; Weight: About 0.44 pounds. A circle with a diameter of approximately 4‘’ after being tiled. This is suitable for small potted plants within 10 cm in diameter.
  • MINI PACKAGING : We pay attention to the concept of making the best use of everything. Each package of decorative stones fits a pot of 4’diameter potted plants without waste. It is very suitable for decoration of office desktop potted plants.
  • NATURAL DECORATION: This kind of river rocks for plants is formed by nature and has been artificially slightly polished to make the surface smooth. While retaining their inner texture, it is more suitable for decorating indoor potted plants.
  • LET PLANTS BREATHE: Adding river rocks for plants on the surface of the soil can effectively prevent soil agglomeration, prevent soil loss while watering, and regulate the soil in the pot, so that plants can breathe better.
  • BETTER PRESERVATION OF WATER: black pebbles can prevent the water in the basin from dispersing and losing. The body surface of the stone is cold. When encountering evaporating water vapor, it will quickly condense into small droplets and return to the basin.


5lb Natural Polished Black River Rock Stones – Decorative Black Pebbles for Indoor Plants, Fish Tank Rocks, Vase Fillers and Fairy Garden. Aquarium Gravels for Turtle Frog Tank Outdoor Use


  • 【What You Get】You will get about 65 high polished black stones in a 5lb bag. The length of the black river rocks is about 1.2-2 inches. Smooth polished black pebbles are the product of nature, with different shapes such as oval, round, irregular, etc, so each black river stone is unique. These polished black rocks are adored by bonsai gardeners & zen garden landscapers
  • 【Black Pebbles】Black pebbles are natural and non-toxic, only natural stones and pure paraffin. No varnish or other dyes are used to produce these pebbles, and the color will not fade after a period of time. This is ideal for gardening enthusiasts or other small projects
  • 【River Rocks】Black river rocks are very popular in nature-themed birthday parties, graduation ceremonies, weddings, floral decoration events and seasonal decorations! these black river stones to help you stabilize the pillar candles in the hurricane display stand, Great for decoration of potted plants rocks, turtle tank rocks, succulent pebbles, stones for vases, rocks for planter, glass container, fountains, walkways, water features, miniature landscape and fairy garden rocks
  • 【Decorative Rocks】If you have a blank area on the edge of your terrace, you can cover it with black polished pebbles to look beautiful and high-end. FANTIAN black stones are a great choice for creating amazing D I Y projects, perfect for people who like to personalize your work. If you have better ideas, please share with us
  • 【Pavement Decoration】Black polished pebbles are no sharp edges, these pebbles are easy to step on under your feet. You can inlay stones of various colors on the concrete or courtyard paths, design them into patterns you like, and then walk barefoot on the smooth pebbles to promote blood circulation. It can not only exercise, but also beautify the fairy tale garden


ROCKIMPACT 5.5 lbs. Landscaping Rocks, Highly Polished Garden Decorative Stones, Succulent Rocks, Pebbles for Bonsai Plant Pot, Lucky Bamboo, Kids Crafts, Aquarium, Terrarium Rocks (Jet Black, 3/4″)


  • HAND-PICKED POLISHED PEBBLES: Add a beautiful touch to rockscape design in garden, planters, and patio. 3/4 inch average size in 5.5lbs packaging.
  • PREMIUM QUALITY SHINY ROCKS: Hand-picked from the beaches around the world, all tumbled, polished, eco-friendly natural stones.
  • ROUND AND SMOOTH : River rocks are used in flower and garden beds and on walkways for erosion control. Because of their shape, river rocks provide good drainage and is very attractive at the same time.
  • INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE IN FISH TANK AQUARIUMS: Please be sure to rinse and clean the pebbles with hot water before adding to your fish tank.

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OUPENG 1.6lb Black Small Pebbles – Decorative Gravel Rock Plant Stones,Natural Polished Stones 3/8″ Succulent Gravel,Pebbles Gravel for Bamboo Plants,Succulent,Home Decor,Landscaping,Vase Fillers


  • Natural Stone Rocks: Each bag contains different shapes of decorative black river pebbles. (As stone rocks are natural substances, some may be broken or out of shape. Generally, the shapes of pebbles are oval or round, with uneven thickness)
  • Black Rocks Size: With naturally lightly polished, the pebbles’ surface is smooth, without rough edges and corners, it can resist fading and maintain beauty.3/8″ average size is perfect for small applications.Only natural stones and wax, no additional fillers, dyes, or oils.(Do not use in the aquarium)
  • Best Soil Cover Gravel: These decorative river pebble rocks are great for interior or exterior garden beds, which can provide both moisture retention and better drainage to keep areas clean and beautiful.
  • Versatility Plant Stones: Perfect for home decor projects, such as floral arrangements, vases, bowls, display glass jars, glass hurricane candle holders, cactus, glass containers, bamboo plants,rock gardens, potted plants and more.(Do not use in the aquarium)
  • Black Pebbles Decoration: Each bag contains a wide variety of natural shapes and a beautiful black color.You don’t have to spend too much money decorating your houseplants, pebble rocks can meet your needs. The natural decorative polished black pebbles can refresh and beautify indoors.


GASPRO 15 Pound Black River Rocks, Decorative Polished Pebbles for Plants, Landscaping, Garden, Vase Filler and More, 1 to 2 Inch


  • 【Highly Polished】 Eco-friendly from natural and high polished in surface makes the pebbles for plants bright shiny
  • 【Decorative Rocks】 Well suited for potted plants such as succulents, bamboo, display glass jars, vase fillers, sidewalk etc
  • 【Size】 The black pebbles vary in shades and sizes from about 1 to 2 inch, making for a better looking diversity
  • 【Wide Compatibility】 Ideal as decorative rocks to make the appearance of the planter / vase and plant neat and appealing, also perfect for drainage and soil cover
  • 【Cost Effective】 15lb, you can enjoy safer, prettier, and larger quantities of pebbles with less money

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4) Consider your personal needs


Rocks for Succulent Plants or Bonsai Garden, 3lb Bulk Bag – 1 inch 20-30mm Black Decorative Gravel Pebbles for Plants


  • SMALL PEBBLES: Each measuring 1 inch (or 20-30mm), these polished rocks for succulent plants are adored by bonsai gardeners & zen garden landscapers. Tumbled to deliver a smooth finish.
  • 3 POUND BULK BUNDLE: Sold in big 3lb bulk bags, our pebble rocks for bonsai plants are the affordable, no hassle choice for DIY gardeners looking to decorate a meditation garden, reflection garden, fairy garden.
  • FOR INDOOR/OUTDOOR: Though commonly used to fill Bonsai planters inside, the pebbles can also be scattered outdoors in flowerbeds & pots. The rocks come coated in a wax that protects them from damage & seals in shine.
  • NATURAL PLANT FILLER: Other types of filler can expose plants to toxins, but our pebbles are naturally sourced & gentle on gardens. We use no additional dyes, oils or varnishes to produce these mini pebble rocks.
  • DECORATE SUCCULENTS: Tidy up the tops of your succulent plants with the addition of little pebbles scattered loose like gravel. The polished rocks make a great pick for cactus plants, succulent plants or bonsai trees.


Black Polished Stones for Plants, Smooth Natural River Rocks, Plant Aquarium Gravel Stones for Houseplants, Succulents, Bonsai, Terrarium, Vase Fillers, Fish Tank, 1.5 LB, Black Polished Pebbles


  • Small Natural Stones – These black river rocks are lightly polished for smooth effect. They are 100% natural stones, eco-friendly, and will last for a long time without fading, adding a natural and unique aesthetic to your landscape and garden.
  • Decorative Rocks For Plants – Smooth decor stone can visually complement plants and provide a protective groundcover around them. Rocks and plants are a match made in heaven. Perfect for floral design, terrarium, fairy garden, and other DIY projects.
  • An Alternative To Mulch – Smooth pebbles mulch in interior or exterior garden beds, provides good drainage and restrains the growth of weeds. Perfect for indoor and outdoor use.
  • Multiple Use – A great addition to your potted plants, flower arrangements, vase fillers, terrariums, and aquariums. These ornamental pebbles can be used as an accent to your small garden beds, groundcover, water features, and many other areas.
  • Easy To Use – Our premium pebbles are well packed in a reusable sealing bag, easy to open and close with every use. Simply tear off the top of the bag and then reseal it. (Pebbles Approx Size: 9-12 mm)


Midwest Hearth Natural Decorative Polished Black Pebbles 3/8″ Gravel Size (2-lb Bag)


  • MULTIPLE USES: Fairy gardens, flower arrangements, succulent containers, and potted plants
  • SMALL GRAVEL SIZE: 3/8″ average size is perfect for small applications
  • POLISHED SURFACE: Pebbles are polished and coated in pure paraffin wax to enhance color and shine
  • MIXED COLORS: Each bag contains a wide variety of natural colors and shapes
  • ECO FRIENDLY: Only natural stones and wax, no additional fillers, dyes, or oils

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Galashield 5 lb Black Rocks Pebbles for Plants Natural Decorative Polished Stones for Planters Succulent River Rocks Aquarium Gravel (1-2 cm)


  • Contains a variety of shapes black colored stones
  • These natural river stones are super polished and have a smooth finish with no rough edges
  • Great for aquarium rocks, succulent rocks pebbles for planters, bonsai pots, fish tank gravel, fairy garden supplies, zen garden, terrarium rocks, lawn decor, walkways, fountains, vase fillers, potted plants, craft projects and more
  • 5 lb bag – contains approximately 430 stones
  • Stones sizes are approximately 1-2 cm (0.3-0.6 inches)


Royal Imports 5LBS River Rocks Decorative Ornamental Pebbles, Garden Landscaping Stones, Natural Gravel Filler for Plants, Vases, Succulents, Home Decor, Arts, Crafting, Animal Habitat – Small Black


  • NATURAL STONES- These high quality natural stones by Royal imports are non-toxic and eco-friendly river rocks. Their natural attribute will make them last longer because they will not deteriorate like mulch does. Common applications include flowerbeds, groundcover, decorative concrete topping, or walkway paving. Decorative rocks are a permanent and cost-effective alternative to annual wood mulching.
  • MANY USES- If you want to add extra beauty in your garden, lawn and even to your potted plant this pack of pebbles is ideal for you. It is perfect for home decor and a creative interior and exterior design. Use for flower arrangements, vase fillers, walkways, water features, exposed aggregate flooring or walls, swimming pool areas and many other areas. It could also be used as an accent to water gardens, ponds, and terrariums.
  • ROUND AND SMOOTH- These pebbles are easy on the feet as there are no sharp edges. Because of the shape, river rocks provide good drainage and is very attractive at the same time. River rocks are used in flower and garden beds and on walkways for erosion control.
  • BEST BUY- Bring an earthen beauty to your décor with these smooth and vibrant river rocks. The natural, black and white finish pebbles can be utilized in many decorations, and will wonderfully embellish nature-themed surroundings. For an eye-catching homage to the Great Outdoors, scatter these stones around the base of a pillar candle in hurricane glass, and feature it on your coffee table or mantel
  • COLOR & DIMENSIONS – Rocks range in length approx from 1.5″ to .25″ (rocks are natural and as a result some may be broken or out of shape, oval or round, thick or thin). The color of this river rock is natural so it may include a variety of different shades of blacks. These rocks are packaged in a 5 pound netted bag. Approximately 600 rocks per bag.

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